What We Do

Cinema websites, Ticketing and Related services

Developed exclusively for independent cinemas

We created our first cinema website in 2002. Since this time, we have had our ear to the ground, listening for the needs and wants of independent cinemas in Australia.

We have taken our knowledge and experience in the cinema exhibition industry and created what we believe is the world's more comprehensive and powerful tool to help independent cinemas promote themselves online.

More than just good looks!

The Kinesis Interactive Cinema System (KICS) has been designed from the ground up to provide your cinema with the best possible web site and related marketing opportunities. Our proprietary tools enable cinema operators to perform regular site maintenance quickly and easily from any Internet enabled computer.

There is a common misconception that creating a great web site starts, and ends, with web site design. Contrary to this belief, creating an attractive web site is a very simple part of the web site development process.

Unfortunately, most people do not consider the long-term maintenance requirements of their web site. Later discovering that without the proper tools, an attractive new web site quickly becomes out of date with poor quality information.

Kinesis makes great web sites and gives you the tools to manage them efficiently.

Online Cinema Marketing Made Easy

Online marketing for your cinema used to be pretty simple. Once upon a time a junior staff member could create a simple web site by typing in session times and some basic movie information and you were done.

Sorry, that's not going to be enough!

There are so many different ways people access information on the Internet today. Some people use a computer, some use their smartphone, others check Facebook or their Twitter feeds twenty times a day.

Kinesis provides a system that helps manage your online marketing.

We help you promote your cinema online by integrating competitions, membership programs, custom email promotions, automatic social media posts,mobile apps, and much more.

It's all about being everywhere at once.

Once KICS has your cinema information we share that information with numerous services to ensure that the information people want is provided in the form they want it. Since Kinesis supplies all the movie information you need, including posters and trailers, you will find it incredibly easy to maintain a constant, relevant and far-reaching online presence.